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SXEMA is a brand created by enthusiasts from different creative fields, such as machine learning, animation, 3D design, fashion, and shoe design. The brand’s collection is devoted to the generalized image of Russian reality and escape to a new reality. All the graphics for the collection were produced by AI using thousands of images of typical Post-Soviet architecture and combining them into an average view of Russian “panelka”. The AI in SXEMA’s collection acts as an independent actor of the artistic process. The AI designer is not biased towards any cliché or opinions, and thus it is able to create very unusual and unexpected combinations and ornaments. Futuristic pieces in the collection are easily paired with wearable and comfortable ones, which allows to separate any part of the look and mix the elements. The silhouettes for the garments were inspired by the latest street wear trends. 

SXEMA team cares about the environment and tries to minimize the damage of overproduction. Garments from the collection are available to wear in digital reality at DressX bringing the same emotion as “live” clothes, but without polluting the environment and cluttering one’s wardrobe with fast fashion items which are often thrown away in a couple of months.

Color: back, electric blue, & glitch.

Material: digital polyester & denim.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

You’re saving:

968 DAYS

Charging a mobile phone daily

37 kg of CO2


drinking 2 l of water daily

5500 L of water