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YOONA Technology

mini skirt sport two

$30.00 USD

YOONA Technology is a B2B Tech Solution founded by a digital female leader and entrepreneur Anna Franziska Michel. YOONA Technology aims to shorten the creative process to just a few simple clicks by analyzing the data in the design field and transforming it into success-oriented designs. The solution is based on GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), the latest technology that can be used to generate images of any kind, to carry out text-to-image translation, to convert one type of image to another, and to enhance the resolution of images among other applications. The main goal behind the YOONA Technology is to develop a solution to help designers to accelerate the creation processes.

Since YOONA Tech creates designs from the existing data, the collection available at DressX mainly consists from Anna Franziska’s past physical collections and projects, including 2 digital collections previously shown at Berlin Fashion Week. The AI was fed with YOONA Tech founder’s designs, sketchbooks, mood boards, and prints, forming Anna Franziska’s story, which was eventually transformed into her vision of digitalization and technology.

Color: gray, black, royal blue & metallic turquoise.

Material: digital nylon.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.