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Lena Semenenko


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Elena Semenenko is a digital clothing designer and the first designer in Ukraine to present a digital collection at Ukrainian Fashion Week 2020. In her exclusive collection for DressX Elena Semenenko asks: READY FOR FUTURE? Her designs convey the idea of the revolutionary transformations of society, where the designers and scientists work together for the good of the planet. 

Have you ever wondered what our modern cities might look like in a hundred years, in a perfect world where its inhabitants live in harmony with nature? Each city could have a unique character based on the environment it’s located in and solve an ecological problem locally.  There could be island cities on the water in the regions of earthquakes and tsunamis, or earth scrapers in deserts. Buildings could be 3D printed from plastic waste and algae, or from biotissues grown by biodesigners ー hybrid forms of organisms that use the energy of the sun, wind, geothermal energy to meet human needs.

Smart cities of the future will combine environmental safety, inclusion, mobility through alternative high-speed transport, and maximum comfort for people. Biodesigners, scientists and architects will construct a powerful symbiosis to tackle the challenge of averting the climate crisis by creating carbon-free cities, changing the paradigm of urbanization on the planet, and helping it enter the new century of sustainable development. Creating the most futuristic images from materials that do not exist in reality, Elena Seminenko gives us a gist of how knowledge of certain organisms’ properties can truly revolutionize design.

Color: purple and fuchsia.

Material: digital fur and liquid crystal.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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