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Alexander Kurmanin

Rocketship pants

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Alexander Kurmanin is a digital fashion designer based in Russia. Coming from a traditional fashion background, Alexander has only been working with 3D clothing for a year, yet he already managed to create a few successful virtual collaborations with popular art directors and participate in numerous innovative projects around digital design. 

The collection created for DressX was inspired by Mars sceneries and astronaut costumes. In his collection Alexander discusses how we would dress up if we all lived on Mars. The designer is sure that soon enough the red planet will become full of research centres, which will eventually lead to the rise of space tourism. We need to prepare in advance, he suggests. Thus, Kurmanin’s collection has been created for future tourists who want to visit Mars, but are still waiting for their rocket.

For the collection designer used fully synthetic fabrics with metallic coating, which can help to reduce radiation levels. Some of the garments were made entirely of modernized digital metal, while on the suits there are elements of special glass  sensors for the levels of pollution in the atmosphere (green or transparency means everything is fine). The color palette was chosen to represent the most popular colors for astronauts’ suits and spaceships. Through his collection for DressX Alexander Kurmanin wanted to create something special which makes you think and gives hope at the same time.

Color: gold and silver.

Material: digital metal.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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