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Blanc de Blanc

Sapphire Crop Furcoat

$45.00 USD

Blanc de Blanc is a Ukrainian 3D-wear brand created by the designer and personal stylist Julia Rosti. 

As a recent graduate of the University of design she was surprised to find out that she can not only design digital illustrations, but also create full 3D looks. Having always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, digital fashion has become a great chance to make her dream come true.

Blanc de Blanc's debut collection for DressX is mainly made of digital leather and fur with an aim to show that there is no need to harm our environment in order to look great. Julia suggests that instead of following the changing trends and buying more fur coats every season, we can eliminate the problem of overproduction and overconsumption by shopping digital. Living outside the city yet still close to it, Julia’s collection depicts her main design inspirations - mix of nature, modern buildings, and wet foggy weather. The color palette of the collection features shades of autumn forest, wet grass, concrete, and deep dark water. 

Color: sapphire blue and white.

Material: digital fur.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.