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Diana Ronsal is a virtual fashion enthusiast and one of the pioneers of the digital fashion movement who have been using DRESSX since its very beginning. Being thrilled of how positively digital fashion can influence the environment and reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry, it was just a matter of time till Diana would switch from being a 3D fashion user to becoming a digital creator. In her first winter capsule collection for DRESSX, Diana Ronsal portrays the very essence of the holiday spirit translating it through warm and cozy-looking seasonal winter items.

We all need more warmth this season, suggests Diana. This year will make a lot of us switch from crowded offline gatherings to the new reality online celebrations. While the holidays are moving digital, Dironsal’s winter capsule celebrates the warmth that we have towards our families and friends in the times when we have to stay apart. Either through Instagram, Facebook, or even through digital Holiday cards, these winter outfits create the holiday mood in just 3 simple clicks with the assets ready to be saved and shared with your loved ones. Dironsal’s collection adds a little warmth to the pictures taken this winter, cause after all who wouldn’t like to make their lives a little warmer this festive season?

Color: red and white.

Material: digital acrylic and wool.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.