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Alyona Briukhanova


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Alyona is an independent Ukrainian fashion stylist and visual merchandiser who has been working in 3D innovative technologies and fashion since 2007.

She blends her international work experience with a BA degree in Fashion Styling. In September 2020 she launched a digital styling project — DGTL Stylist. She was also the the Digital-Only Fashion Contest 2020 Gran Prix Winner.

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As evolution continues to progress, what matters the most is that the change is readily accepted and absorbed, even if it seems to be a hindrance to you at first. For all the change that passes through us, we will gain vibrant rewards that have been wonderfully handpicked for us, a prize for our dedication and resilience in incorporating and harnessing the change. Hence, with the intention to reflect the silent yet strong aurora that is held carefully within you, Cocoon was created as an embodiment of patience, fortitude, and endless grit in accepting the change that is inevitable for us. Not all silence and patience is a sign of weakness, it could also be the manifestation of a deliberate and unhurried passage of evolution.

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