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Edward Harber


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Edward Harber is a fashion designer currently based in the United States. His creations spring from a cross-pollination of sport, fashion and technology. His roots are in technical high-performance apparel and his work has won Nike gold at ten Olympics, seen action on the battlefield, and protected Moto GP riders for Dainese.

Edward is now looking toward the world of women’s high fashion.

His forms fuse fluid rigidity, sculptural intelligence, old-world craft and cutting-edge innovation. The resulting combinations of edgy couture, sensual technology and fearless beauty are both intelligent and surprising.

Harber's work has been extensively published and exhibited internationally. Some of his most notable accomplishments include: Red Dot Award for Product Design: Nike PreCool Vest, I.D. Magazine's Annual Design Review: Design Distinction for Nike Swift Suit, Nike Maxim Award: "It's in Our Nature to Innovate". Harber’s designs exhibited in multiple showings, including The Met in New York City and The Design Museum in London.

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