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Burak Dahan


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Right after graduating from Chemistry in 2012, Burak took a distinct change and followed his calling by studying Fashion Design and started to build up a strong career in the industry. His works were recognized by fashion authorities in many design competitions, where he even became the "Gold Award Winner" at the EURASIA REMIX 2016.

Years later when he was introduced to digital fashion, he fell in love with this new world of design possibilities and expanded his creativity to a new level by escaping from restrictions and norms of the physical world. His works reflect versatility and there is no limit when it comes to his source of inspiration. Burak Dahan is currently based in Turkey.

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 Unlike normal heroes that are created out of their circumstances, you have learned to strive and perform in extraordinary situations, rising to best your opponents and obstacles. You gained a name for yourself by defeating crime, eliminating criminals that no law enforcement agency can hope to handle. With millions of followers, you have everything. However, all that has changed with a single explosion, throwing you into the future where the world is haunted by mysterious aliens. Now, you are forced to partner with your adversary and your loyal friend, Spy, and save humanity from potential extinction.

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