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R-RUSH is a Russian digital fashion brand producing the garments for virtual use only. The brand is mainly focused on common silhouettes upgraded through the use of new virtual materials. The brand’s main goal is to introduce the new reality to the end customers without making it too stressful or difficult to get used to. The new normal of 2020 has forced the fashion industry to reevaluate how the clothes are made and to move some production processes to the 3D realm to help the environment. The brand aims to prove that with the help of digital fashion the industry can change its reputation of being one of the world’s biggest polluters to becoming the most ecological, fashionable, and forward-thinking industry. The R-RUSH collection available at DressX was inspired by neon signs, codes and numbers running on screen, night and traffic lights. The brand utilized innovative new-reality digital materials, such as liquid metal, ductile glass, neon digital code, and luminous leather. R-R THIS IS A DIGITAL ITEM, IT ONLY EXISTS DIGITALLY AND WILL BE APPLIED TO YOUR PHOTO(s) Color: blue Material: liquid metal Digital clothes fit all sizes

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