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Google Pixel 6: Material You Collection

The New Romantic (Red)

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Jumpsuit inspired by music icons Bowie, Madonna and Prince. Designed by Sophie Butler.

About the Collection:

The Google Pixel 6: Material You Collection celebrates individuality and self-expression. Inspired by the new Google Pixel 6 phone’s ability to learn and adapt to you, the collection showcases the beauty and power of customisation.
This limited edition collection has been co-designed by six fashion-forward trailblazers: Tinie Tempah, Bettina Looney, Radam Ridwan, Sophie Butler, Jack Guinness and Kyle De’Volle, using the new Pixel 6 phone’s camera features to help with creation. 
Comprised of 12 statement digital garments in an array of Material You-inspired colours, each garment is a marriage of feminine and masculine styles suitable for everyone and is completely carbon neutral.