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BalmLabs is a Ghana-based Digital Fashion House that specializes in digital-only media for fashion brands. Baboa Tachie-Menson – the designer behind the BTM studios by Balmlabs – shares that digital fashion has helped her to push the boundaries of the traditional industry and simply concentrate on the creative process of designing the clothes. In digital fashion there is no need to provide physical sketches, which don’t usually get the ideas across in the best way, and absolutely no need to account for the fabrics availability and price. In Baboa’s opinion, digital fashion is a new and more conscious way of consuming fashion that brings a lot of fun and excitement to the industry, while also allowing brands to explore all areas of design and keep up the momentum. 

The collection available at DressX was created during the lockdown period and designed to bring light and bright colors to the lives of its viewers. The colors used in the collection illustrate warmth and nature but in their vibrant forms. The fabrics and materials used mainly represent silk, plastic, and rubber.

Color: dark purple.

Material: digital silk.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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248 DAYS

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