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West Coast Fit

$20.00 USD

Check the first ever virtual fit modeled after that distinctly original 90’s-era street style hailing from the West Coast. Throw up your “W” and rep the Westside in a signature bandana headpiece, baggy jeans and oversized hoodie & flannel. And when you purchase the metalook and upload an image of yourself, you’ll get back a fully styled photo in this iconic HIP-HOP AT FIFTY design. 🎤🌴👟

Purchase the fit, get the look, and be entered in for a chance to be 1 of 3 winners of our custom HIP-HOP AT FIFTY prize packs, which includes a rare vinyl reissue, artist merchandise and more!

You’re saving:

1024 DAYS

Charging a mobile phone daily

39 kg of CO2


drinking 2 l of water daily

5500 L of water