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Lollipop sweater

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YAZATA is a 3D apparel. Inspired by the holiday season festive spirit, YAZATA’s New Year capsule allows its digital wearer to literally try on a fir-tree reimagined in the form of bright and joyful sweaters. All the pieces are embellished with holiday candies and bows, uplifting festive mood and sharing the feeling of comfort and coziness so natural for a New Year’s eve spent with the loved ones. YAZATA sweaters are digitally knitted with fit-tree needles, saving the festive spirit even when the holiday season is gone.

Color: festive green, white, yellow, and red.

Material: digital fir-tree needles, bows, and candies.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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582 DAYS

Charging a mobile phone daily

22 kg of CO2


drinking 2 l of water daily

1427 L of water