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Try on digital fashion with the DRESSX app for free


It works like this: you search for what you want, click to buy, then attach a photo to have the piece tailored to. It takes a few days for the images to come back, which throws in a jarring, past-future excitement, similar to getting a roll of film developed.

DressX is reinventing multi-brand fashion consumption for an audience looking to fulfill a different type of need—constant fashion newness for their online persona, divorced from physical clothing. They offer an alternative to the online purchasing behavior that is seeing mass returns and crippling of fashion brands who struggle to control their inventories as a result.

A quick sweep of DressX’s retail website shows pieces that are utterly desirable, although they exist outside the confines of reality. Think mind-bending whirls of colour that no machine can reproduce, clever cuts of clothes that seem to defy the constraints of human craftsmanship (and gravity), and tantalising textures that almost make you forget that you can’t feel them in real life. It is fashion innovation at its best.