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Alejandro Delgado

Alejandro Delgado is a 3D designer and a 3DPrinting expert based in Germany. His designs are real pieces of art that he creates with the help of 3D Printers. Through his collaboration with DressX the designer wants to allow more people to wear his sophisticated couture outfits, that otherwise are very expensive to print in their physical versions. With digital fashion Alejandro can go beyond the limits of the physical realm and make sustainable designs that can be worn by everyone.

Alejandro’s collection available at DressX was inspired by String Theory and Quantum Physics Theories. He took the ideas from his dreams and merged them with the theories of the future of the human mind and its immortality beyond a physical form mainly from the works of Brian Greene, Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku. The collection is based on the colors of Strings and Shapes, such as Calabi–Yau Manifolds, as they are represented on Quantum Physics and Insects such as an Orchid Mantis. In this collection Alejandro wants to show that all of these Theories are based on reality, on what is around us, and what happens on our planet, our galaxy. He believes that all of these Theories come from bases discovered here on our little planet Earth. 

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