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Baby Blue Puffer

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Diane Wallinger is a traditional-turned-digital designer and MA student at London College of Fashion. Diane is interested in the capacity of art and design (including fashion design) to use well-being as a driver of sustainability. Specifically, she believes that artists and designers have the tools to make people happy and hopeful and that feeling good is the first step to making good. 

In Diane’s first digital collection created for DressX, she pursued her exploration of fashion design for well-being. The four looks, with their colours, are imagined to generate positive emotions, while comfortable shapes of the garments invite the digital wearer to engage in "self-care practices". Why self-care? Because cultivating and building emotional resilience, Diane believes, is necessary to face the psychological challenges of climate change. Through her collection the designer invites digital fashion wearers to become "self-care heroes" and enjoy late mornings in satin pyjamas, as taking care of the world starts with taking care of yourself.

The colours in the collection have capacity to evoke both feelings of softness and comfort, energy and power. Lighter, pastel shades evoke positive emotions such as serenity and hope, while brighter colors bring joy and excitement. Diane Wallinger is absolutely sure that garments can generate emotions, even if they are not worn physically.

Color: blue

Material: transparent plastic

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

You’re saving:

1291 DAYS

Charging a mobile phone daily

49 kg of CO2


drinking 2 l of water daily

1922 L of water