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Try on digital fashion with the DRESSX app for free


DIGITALAX in partnership with DressX and supported by The Human Rights Foundation launches Digital Fashion Auction going LIVE on the DIGITALAX Marketplace during Crypto Fashion Week (Feb 22nd — 26th). The exclusive Auction is called up to draw attention to human rights concerns in closed societies, voice the importance of a globally transparent supply chain and bridge the Digital and Physical realms for promoting positive compounding action and distributed content generation native to movements for social and economic change.

By partnering with DIGITALAX, a Digital Fashion NFT protocol, DressX aims to expand through Blockchain, provide digital dressing for the exclusive digital fashion assets purchased at the Auction, and make the next big step towards implementing a digital wardrobe for various social occasions in a digital space.

All the designer items in DressX DIGITALAX collaboration are placed under three Degrees of Exclusivity: Exclusive (1 item available for purchase), Semi-Rare (3 items), and Common (7 items). All the items are available for purchase on blockchain through the Auction on DIGITALAX Marketplace until February 26th 5pm UTC. Once the item is purchased through DIGITALAX Marketplace, the buyer can claim the outfit for digital dressing using the Unlock code at DressX.

How it works?

1. Buy your digital asset as NFT (Non-Fungible Token) through DIGITALAX Marketplace.
2. Receive your asset to your wallet and get your Unlock code to get your asset digitally dressed for free at DressX.
3. Attach your photo to the purchased asset at DressX and receive your photo digitally DressXed ready to be shared online.

Note, that these are exclusive digital assets, which only exist virtually, and available for digital dressing to their buyers at DIGITALAX Marketplace.

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