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Marea by Larissa Castellano Pucci

Larissa Castellano Pucci is a Florentine creative who loves to mix watercolours, 3D, sketches and film photography. As the grand daughter of Emilio Pucci, Larissa has grown up surrounded with whimsical colours and prints. Inspired by her heritage she has begun her own line of silk foulards made in Italy by small family businesses. This drop created together with DRESSX marks the beginning of Larissa's dream of blending the past and present; artisanship with alien futurism and digital faeries.

The drop is inspired by the wonders of the sea from the froth of a wave, to the movement of a jellyfish and the beauty of a shell. This drop is about leaning into the surreal and making dresses that shimmer like fish scales or even bloom.

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