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SHEK LEUNG is a London-based traditional fashion brand run by Samson (Shek Yen) Leung. Born in Taiwan and raised in Hong Kong, Shek grew up in a family that worked in the film industry. Even as a boy, he was gripped by the artistry that he saw depicted on a film set, as he spent a lot of his younger days there. Today, Shek Leung still uses moving images to inspire some of his most artisanal textiles, combining moving images with fashion.

The brand’s palette was never about being loud, flashy and extravagant; instead, the focus is on evoking and celebrating emotions that the audience can relate to. Shek Leung considers muted and dusty colors much more powerful - they are quiet, subtle, poetic and more 'grounded', just like the colors we see in traditional oil painting. Honest, tactile, and quiet are the words that Sheck Leung associates with his creations. His works can be described as “quiet masculinity,” with the handcrafted elements expressing a sense of discreet sensuality that is poetic and subtle. 

The SHEK LEUNG hat selected for digitalization with DressX embodies all the qualities composing the DNA of the brand. It's a love letter to ourselves, embracing vulnerability of human nature combined with confidence, and exuding quiet sensuality that will be felt and understood by the viewers even through the posts in social media.

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