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Shenkar College of Engineering Art and Design

United under the big aim to support and nurture unique creative talents, DRESSX and Fashion Design Department at Shenkar College of Engineering, Art and Design have partnered up to showcase the digital fashion assets created by college's second year graduate students. The collaborative project tells a story of 15 young designers, who transformed their life experiences, family contradictions, and recent discoveries to create a joint collection which will now see the world at DRESSX. Throughout the project, Fashion Design Department students at Shenkar College of Engineering, Art and Design were able to explore the possibilities of digital design and create their own 3D narratives unconstrained by the boundaries of physical fashion. Designed in the digital realm, the collection did not require any material fabrics, water, or CO2 for shipping and deliveries, creating the blueprint for traditional fashion institutions and optimising art education in the 21st Century.  Student works were curated by the college tutors  Ana Solo and Gilly Bahat Eshkol.

Committed to building and supporting the creative community of the future, we are proud to welcome the students of Fashion Design Department at Shenkar College students at the largest marketplace for digital fashion DRESSX.

Shenkar College of Engineering, Art and Design is a top-ranked Israeli academy. The college’s goal is to foster an interdisciplinary environment where designers, artists, and engineers work together shaping the future of technologies. Shenkar College was rated number 6 Fashion School in the world by the Business of Fashion in 2017.

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