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Support Turkey and Syria Collection

All sales go to support Turkey and Syria.
You can donate directly to the wallet 0xC6d955aFfC31e65d45782ccB4Fc009Ad1eDBE7B6 and we will make sure the fund will reach charitable funds.

No images will be delivered to you, this is only for donations.

On Monday, February 6h, the area of Turkey and Syria has been hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake its aftershocks are known for having big quakes, but it had been decades since one this large last hit. More than 5,000 people were traumatized across the region.

DRESSX provides a platform for designers and talents from all over the world to unite around digital fashion and creativity. We are proud to represent talented designers such as Berce Naz, Atasever, Yiğithan Aslan, SUDI ETUZ, and Knitology Society who are born and based in Turkey. Together we united to raise money for Turkish families in need and donate to these charitable organizations: 

We believe in the power of community and are ready to unite and act together.
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