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Xbinary x DRESSX

The largest metafashion retailer DRESSX partnered up with Italian cross-reality curator Xbinary to give a new life to a selection of pieces from the archives of Fondazione Sozzani. Sculptural one-of-a-kind ‘artwear’ pieces by the acclaimed American artist Kris Ruhs have been transformed into their precise AR twins, which will become available as a part of DRESSX Xbinary Genesis Jewelry NFT drop launching on the DRESSX NFT Marketplace. The drop date will be disclosed during the Xbinary DRESSX event at 10 Corso Como during Milan Fashion Week.


Kris Ruhs was a visionary of futuristic fashion and now, 40 years later, the shapes he invented can still be found in gaming and cyber wear. The artist started his journey in the '70s in the Downtown Manhattan art school that inspired complete freedom and creativity of his art. The school hosted NY Dolls concerts and gathered the most talented artists of the moment, reflecting the surrounding reality of the artist’s hometown. In the '80s, Kris Ruhs met Robert Lee Morrison, a jewelry designer with a hip gallery in Soho. People gathered in the gallery to exchange ideas and be inspired by each other's artistic perspectives. Kris started by creating sketches for the gallery, but soon after he found a passion for jewelry design and started making pieces that would soon become ‘artwear’. At the time, artwear was embraced by designers, stylists and artists like Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat. At the end of the '80s, Kris moved to Italy for the first show at Sozzani gallery and co-created 10 Corso Como with Carla Sozzani, founder of Sozzani gallery, former editor of American Vogue in Italy and Editor-in-chief of Elle.


Staying focused on the concept that things may be identical in essence but never in reality, Kris Ruhs uses an ongoing multiplication of organic shapes to re-invent the inexhaustible expression of nature through the materials he uses to work. In this case, pieces are of silver, crafted by his knowing hands. Now, using AR and digital light, a new expression of the singular essence of each piece can be experienced by every viewer through this unique partnership. 

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