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The DOMINOES Digital Fashion Collection by noonoouri

DRESSX meets noonoouri: As a digital character with a human soul, noonoouri has taken the fashion world by storm. You can now wear and own noonoouri’s exclusive and strictly limited haute couture fashion statements from her music debut “Dominoes”.


A dress inspired by the beauty of the arctic life. White and smooth as a snow leopard with every move the dress adopts to the shape of the body. The grid of the dress reminds us of the melting poles and is a subtile warning that we should take care of this unique biosphere.


Our only constant in life is change. With this very spiritual dress, which symbolisies change, rebirth and soul we pay homage to the monk’s habit. A sleek yet very surprising cut makes this special outfit to a must have piece.

The DOMINOES Collection

The DOMINOES Digital Fashion Collection is inspired by noonoouri’s music debut “Dominoes”, a single that she released in September together with superstar DJ and producer Alle Farben.

The collection features five exclusive and strictly limited haute couture designs combining vision, sound and the key message of “Dominoes”: We live in an interconnected world. More than ever, every individual, every species is interdependent. Everything is connected to everything and hence we can all make a difference with our actions and deeds, for better or for worse.

The exclusive haute couture looks are also worn and presented by noonoouri in the official music video for the “Dominoes (Alle Farben VIP Mix)”.



This fragile looking dress, inspired by wireframes which are the starting point of each and every 3D generated piece. Usually we never see them – but in this case we wanted to emphasise the “work in progress” style and give this creation its strong and powerful appearance.


From another world, fluorescent borders frame the body in a way like never seen before. The XXL collar, the see-through texture and the overknee boots tansform the body into barbarella from another galaxy.



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Nature was again the muse of inspiration here. The ever light reflecting and endles shades of color emitting scarab beetle were the source of inspiration here. Inflated calves, labs and shoulders make this masterpiece to an eyemazing artwork.

noonoouri & DRESSX: Setting the Tone for Trendsetters