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Try on digital fashion with the DRESSX app for free


Wearable X, renowned for its smart yoga system, Nadi X, partnered with DRESSX to launch their first AR Digital Yoga Pants for International Yoga Day. You can try Nadi X on the DRESSX App and test out the digital version of the smartest at-home yoga experience.


Combining the physical & digital, Nadi X is a unique at-home yoga experience that includes smart yoga pants with embedded sensors, haptic technology and companion app. DRESSX & Wearable X collaborate to tell a digital story to highlight the invisibly integrated technology. This, first of its kind digital pair of yoga pants, in the physical world is able to identify the various yoga poses and provides users feedback via gentle vibrations on the body and audio through the app that lets the wearer know if their posture is achieved. In the digital world, the AR Nadi X pair of pants illustrates these vibrations & benefits of yoga.

Wearable X - Digital Yoga Pants Nadi X

“Nadi X was built for those who want a step-by-step guide as to how to move into a yoga pose, with guidance on where to focus and feedback on the success of your posture.” Madeleine Gong Garment Engineer. “We want our community to be able to experience our products in the physical & digital worlds. Personally I have found yoga as a source of meditation and recovery during the pandemic, and this was the inspiration for these digital designs.”


Nadi X yoga combines listening to the audio instructions and feeling the vibrations on the body. The vibrations and accelerometers built into the hips, knees and ankles of the pants are powered by a battery and Bluetooth module called the Pulse. The Pulse clips behind the upper left knee where it will not interfere with your yoga practice. The app recommends you place your smartphone at the top of your mat and begin the Nadi X yoga.


  • A new sustainable fashion experience with a vastly reduced carbon impact
  • Giving you a new way to express your fashion identity
  • Augmented Reality allows you to try on and show off your Wearable X look before anyone else
  • Gifting is so last year, with digital fashion you can express yourself now, without the waste and the wait

Join us DRESSX and Wearable X and be part of the digital evolution of fashion.