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Cosmic Veiler

$24.00 USD

Founded in the space created by emerging technology, BAKEUP is a digital-first brand pushing the boundaries of experiential beauty and authentic self-expression. BAKEUP brings its new perspective with a focus on experimenting with beauty from your mirror to the metaverse or somewhere in between, transcending the traditional confines of today’s beauty standard.

The Cosmic Veiler is born from a pure fascination for the galactic universe…with boundless mystery, our planet is steeped in a magical unknown and the stars are like glitter in the sky to always keep us thinking “what if”. When we look up to the cosmos, we gaze into infinite possibility, infinite space and lean into this awareness of how small we are against the grandiosity of the universe.

A universal adornment with galactic intrigue and mystery, the Cosmic Veiler celebrates the starry sky we look up to at night - with multi-colored gemstones and holographic stars that twinkle, it pays homage to the cosmic wonderland and a mysterious universe that will forever be a fascination to us all.