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Ksenia Schnaider


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Ksenia Schnaider is a Kyiv-based fashion brand founded by a designer family duo Ksenia and Anton Schnaider. Mainly working with organic, vintage, and reworked materials, Ksenia Schnaider was one of the first Eastern European brands to advocate for sustainable fashion. The brand is well known for its innovative designs, perfect cuts, and signature pieces often spotted on world’s A-list celebrities like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Coco Rocha and others.

‘Pixel Flower’ capsule, digitized in partnership with DressX, is one of Ksenia Schnaider’s earliest signature collections. Showcased for the first time in physical version in 2015, it features pixelated ornaments of traditional Ukrainian ‘vyshyvanka’. The ‘glitch’ on the print symbolizes TV interference, which was meant to highlight the blurriness and inaccuracy of the information translated about Ukraine through electronic media. The collection successfully combines old traditional motives with designers’ cutting-edge and innovative vision for fashion.

Color: white & blue glitch ornament print.

Material: digital cotton.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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