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Mar Guixa Studio

Exclusive_Golden Spiral

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Mar Guixa is the founder of Mar Guixa Studio studio— a design studio based in Barcelona. Mar is an emerging virtual fashion designer who loves the interaction of colors and shapes, quality rather than quantity and bringing unique creative concepts behind digitally constructed garments. She believes that the essence of the fashion industry lies in living constantly between reality and art. She is passionate about art, tech and the exploration of creative’s limit

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Golden Spiral

Ascension is complete, you have transcended to a level far beyond the confines of conventional humans, realizing into a phase of spiritual enlightenment and awakening that is rivaled by no one else. The light that shone in your heart has left your physical existence, and showers everything around you with an eternal golden spiral that reaches to the heavens. Those around you find your presence to be illuminating and soothing, leading them to flock around your calm existence and aura, making them forever cherish you for all the wisdom and serenity you hold within yourself; a trait exclusively limited to you.

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