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Shek Leung : Spark Top

$70.00 USD

The Spark Top is an interplay into fragility and power. This gradient colour changing top aim to spark ‘noises’ like fireworks onto our everyday wardrobe. It is an unapologetic candour piece of digital garment that were manifested from the idea of celebrating life and creating a presence through noises and colours. The firework-like silhouette and colours were originally explored in scales and texture from handmade embroidery textiles developed for SHEK LEUNG’s collection.

This animated top acknowledges the ephemeral brevity of life - when meek pasts are reconciled with grace, it evinces a profound understanding of growth.


Color: blue, red. 

Material: digital plastic.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

About the collection: 

FabriX - Weaving A New Reality for Fashion

The future of fashion will not be sewn with threads and textiles, but woven by pixels and programmes. As technology continues to bring down barriers and distance, digital fashion presents designers with boundless freedom for creativity, instant global visibility and opportunities to set the runway ablaze with truly imaginative, trend-leading styles.

‘FabriX’ is Hong Kong’s pioneering digital fashion initiative - presented by PMQ, supported by Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the Lead Sponsor - to anticipate this new reality. The pilot programme is founded to nurture and prepare young fashion designers from Hong Kong to be future-ready as they navigate the new frontier brought about by digital fashion and the Metaverse. At the same time, the programme equips designers to capture opportunities from new business models and new revenue streams made possible by digital fashion marketplaces and platforms globally and in Hong Kong.

Beyond bringing 12 units of new design talent to the fore and providing them with the necessary support, ‘FabriX’ exposes the participants to collaborations with a community of digital artists, technical experts, animators, social media and digital retail platforms - the new ecosystem that breathes life into digital fashion. This cross-pollination of ideas, knowledge and skillsets is essential to spark the development of a thriving digital fashion creative cluster in the city, building Hong Kong as the creative capital of Asia.

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