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Alena Akhmadullina


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Alena Akhmadullina is a famous Russian brand producing both physical and digital garments. Founded in 2001 in St. Petersburg, the brand’s collections are inspired by local culture, traditional clothes and techniques reinvented in a modern way.

In the new drop Alena Akhmadullina brand continues to explore digital fashion, this time introducing Russian fairy-tales heroines - seven princesses, who have moved to cyberspace. The Snow Queen appears in a digital metallic dress reflecting the cold of distant planets. Princess Zabava goes to a digital party in a cosmic lavender ruffled mini dress. Vasilisa chooses a delicate outfit with a milky bodysuit and a lavender slit skirt which allows her to easily travel between the galaxies. Frog Princess is portrayed in an asymmetrical dress with draperies and straps, which gives her look more character. The dynamic look of the adventurer Barbara consists of a crop top with puff sleeves and shorts. The sophistication of the Swan Princess is highlighted by the transparent dress with voluminous sleeves. And finally, the magical Firebird is shown in a dress with feather-like elements on the sleeves for magical transformations on the hot surface of the Sun.

Color: lavender and mint.

Material: digital cotton.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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