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ALTERATION SPACE is not just a brand, it is a charity project created by Anna Nazaretskaia and Daria Elkina in collaboration with Aqua Foundation - the international art charity dedicated to protect and preserve WATER. While creating the collection, the designers' goal was to draw public attention to environmental problems, remind the audience about the need for conscious consumption and highlight how dedicated organizations as well as each of us can contribute to solving these problems.

The collection is dedicated to the THREE STATES OF WATER, digital art where the fluidity of water, the beauty of ice, and the lightness of a cloud come together. The artistic duo has created their digital clothing collection making a statement to preserve the environment and push the fashion industry towards a more careful, balanced, and sustainable future.

By purchasing an item from this collection you will support a solidarity project by ALTERATION SPACE in collaboration with AMREF Italy helping the communities of South Sudan most affected by great droughts and famines.

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