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Cosmic Dance

In her newest collection, Clara Daguin continues the exploration of what constitutes her DNA, this time through a Cosmic Dance – a journey through time and space – set in the ballroom of Marie-Laure de Noailles, today the Maison Baccarat.

It is an invitation to a poetic experience that reduces the gap between the temporal and the timeless. The collection draws inspiration from esotericism and magic, with Tarot de Marseille figures - allegories and incarnations of human diversity - as its starting point. The Empress - symbol of creative fecundity, Death - symbol of renewal, or The Star - emblematic of the collection - will take part along other figures in this dance. Clara Daguin uses fashion to promote these differences, overcome them to better remind us that as in the greater cosmos, we are all interconnected.

Cosmic Dance is a new demonstration of Clara Daguin’s savoir-faire : the merging of craftsmanship and technology from the conception of the garment to its finishing details. The garment is alive. The lines, the materials, the meticulous and complex embroideries constitute the concrete framework through which the immaterial and vibrating light circulates. A second skin, a sensual machine that is “neither a name nor a thing but a verb”, continuously evolving.

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