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Yifan Pu

Patterned blouse cut out dress

$50.00 USD

Yifan Pu is a Chinese virtual fashion designer exploring new pathways into the future of the industry. She has never been a fan of the traditional fashion, while digital design became a perfect tool for her to express herself creatively without the limitations of the physical world, mass production, and consumption. Recently Yifan took part in Helsinki Fashion Week, which is renowned for being one of the most innovative and forward-thinking platforms for fashion designers.

In her collection available at DressX, Yifan Pu stays true to the idea of experimentation and tries not to limit herself with any traditional fashion rules. The designer found inspiration in all the different things a modern women would wear in the nearest future, bringing a lot of sci-fi, upcycled streetwear, and post-pandemic corona looks into the collection. Yifan appreciates the whole process of creating digital garments, and so when a glitch has happened during the simulation of the hat – she ended up using it, finding beauty in its wrong and imperfect shape. The collection’s color palette highlights the balance between femininity and fierceness, which Yifan Pu wanted to portray through her designs.

Color: blue, dark blue, tan, & white.

Material: digital silk & nylon.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

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