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Sweatpants Irises

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Saint-Rémy, 1890

Before his departure from the asylum at Saint-Rémy, van Gogh painted four exuberant bouquets of spring flowers: two of irises, two of roses. In the letter to his sister Willemien he wrote “in the last few days at St-Rémy I worked like a man in a frenzy, especially on bouquets of flowers. Roses and violet Irises”.This painting with irises was owned by the artist’s mother Anna van Gogh-Carbentus until her death in 1907.

Color: blue, green.

Material: digital cotton.

Digital clothes fit all sizes.

Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890)

The artworks of Vincent van Gogh have been brought to life through holograms, 3D mapping, and 3D software. Each and every element of the original artworks has been digitized for the exhibitions worldwide, so that the viewers could literally step into his paintings. Now the time has come for the unique DRESSX Classic art collection project – an opportunity to wear custom-made digital clothes with the prints by the world’s most expensive and famous artist.

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